Mike Atta of "Out of Vogue". Photo by Alex Stouffer

As Seen On TV: Out of Vogue

How the Vintage Shop "Out of Vogue" Worked With AMC's Show "Mad Men".

Alex Stouffer

When AMC’s show Mad Men premiered on July 15th 2007, Fullerton’s local vintage shop Out of Vogue became involved in helping set decorator Amy Wells procure some of the many props that were needed to make a 1960’s period drama about advertising moguls of the decade. The relationship lasted through the 3rd season when Wells left the show and was replaced with Set Decorator Claudette Didul. D

Andrew Stuart, Cynthia Sperry and David Grier after they signed the TV agreement in Whitchurch, England.

Fullerton Producer Enters Series Development About A Philanthropic South African

How a Fullertonian is spreading news of a South African raising money for children's cleft palate surgeries.

Alex Stouffer

Networking is key to any business. Cynthia Sperry is a Fullerton-based producer that has made connections in Los Angeles' entertainment industry, but the passion and inspiration for her current project came from a philanthropist based out of South Africa who raises money for children with cleft palates. Cynthia shares a story that is one of many examples of how business can be done just by gett


Just Thought You Should Know

Alex Stouffer

A sitcom shot in Fullerton is being launched in January. Just Thought You Should Know is a coming of age story about four friends. The show is the first big project from Unsinkable Productions. The company started as a partnership between Daryl Hutchison and Dimithri Perera; two film students taking classes at Fullerton College. They originally started off doing sketch material. The complete fir

“Race To Nowhere” Screens at CSUF

Mark Stouffer

Our high schools are broken. National scores compare poorly to other industrialized nations but beneath that there is an underlying pressure to succeed that is exhausting the students, robbing them of their childhood, and even driving them to commit suicide. This is the narrative and the conclusion of a film and a movement that is sweeping across the country. The documentary by Vicki Abeles is c


“Dragonslayer” Shreds Pools In Fullerton

Alex Stouffer

Tristan Patterson has created scripts for Disney, Fox, and is currently writing a script for the film “American Cigarette” directed by Tony Scott. However, Patterson himself has taken on the role of director and created a documentary film about Fullerton skater Josh “Skreech” Sandoval, entitled “Dragonslayer”. It’s part of the American Film Institute’s Young Americans section of AFI fest taking pl


Film To Depict Lives And Loves of Famed Artist Frida Kahlo

Mark Stouffer

“Frida,” a film depicting the lives and loves of colorful and celebrated Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, will be the subject of a special screening presented by the Fullerton Museum Center Saturday, Oct. 22. The film, which will be shown at 7:30 p.m., is being presented by the Museum Center in conjunction with its exhibit, “Frida Kahlo: Through the Lens of Nickolas Muray,” which traces Kahlo’s 10-yea

Buena Park’s Vacant “Downtown” Showcases Downturn

Mark Stouffer

In preparation for an online article we traveled to our neighbor city of Buena Park to see a movie that was not playing locally. We visited the Krikorian Metroplex 18 in the mall billed as “Buena Park Downtown” to see “Atlas Shrugged: Part 1”. What we found was that their 2003 $120 million renovation is like a ghost-town. Approximately 70% of stores were for lease. Whereas Fullerton’s downtown i


Atlas Shrugged Debuts In Life Sized, 3D Promotional Display

Mark Stouffer

The highly controversial film “Atlas Shrugged: Part I” debuted in theaters this weekend and I went to see it. It was not showing closer to Fullerton so I had to go to Buena Park, to the Krikorian Buena Park Metroplex 18 at the Buena Park Mall, to see it. And that is what makes this viewing of “Atlas Shrugged: Part I” so interesting. This is the story of how the Movie, it’s theme and the mall all c

Terri Mowrey in “West Side Terri”

Mark Stouffer

This energetic retelling of West Side Story is more than it seems. Accomplished actress Terri Mowrey single-handedly brings to life not just the play or movie, but a young girl’s discovery of her self and her heart through the well known narrative. The stage, and even part of the seating area, is decorated as Terri’s room. Some of it is actually from her room. The lighting, the record player, the

M*A*S*H Korea Yesterday and Today

Mark Stouffer

I recently watched a screening of M*A*S*H, the 1970’s Robert Altman cult classic, with friends at a local coffee house. The first thing I notice about this famous film is the bad editing and mismatched audio dub. I realize that this was an experimental time in film. Scenes of people smoking pot acting like hippies where new in movies. But there is a jumbled nature to the scene transitions that onl


The Fox Breaks Ground

Alex Stouffer

Tuesday, December 7th – Members from the Chamber of Commerce, the city council, city officials, and The Fox Foundation met up in the corner retail space of the Firestone building to celebrate the beginning of the official construction to the Fox Theater. Leland Wilson, as head of the foundation, spoke to the audience about the road ahead. So many people are involved in seeing this project throug