Inside the FPD (Pt.1)

Discussing training on weapon usage and the ethics of force within Fullerton Police Department.

Alex Stouffer

Back in late May, The Fullertonian came into a wealth of information when Current Acting Captain Dan Hughes invited us to take a tour of the Fullerton Police Department. We’ve compiled the knowledge into a short series about the Police and their operations. Our first part of the tour consisted of a demo on how officers run through gun drills and perform ethics training within the department.

Kelly Thomas and The Fourth of July

How the events of the 5th of July 2011 shed light on the events of The Fourth of July, 1776

Mark Stouffer

This article is a collection of ideas that I have formed over the last year. Some of them are observations about the Kelly Thomas beating. Some are observations of people’s responses to it. Some are just observations about people, and living among them. What I will try to do is tie them together for you. I want to show you how these ideas, that may seem distant and unrelated, are actually l


A former sufferer discusses mental-health treatment and the ethics of coercion.

Linda Saslow

The Fullertonian encourages diverse views from local people on local topics. This piece from Linda Saslow expresses her view from a unique perspective on the proper treatment of people who are suffering from mental disorders. At first, I thought the auditory hallucinations were a religious experience, like Joan of Arc receiving private messages from the divine. Voices from the past sent me

$4 Million Lawsuit Alleges Slidebar Made False Claims in Kelly Thomas Police Call

A lawsuit filed Friday June 8 on behalf of ex-employee claims wrongful termination and falsified police report in fatal police beating case.

Ed Carrasco

A former Slidebar employee has filed a wrongful termination suit for $4 million against his employer, alleging that management tried to cover up its involvement in the police response that led to Kelly Thomas’s beating death last July. The lawsuit was filed last Friday in Orange County Superior Court by Solomon, Saltsman & Jamieson, the law firm representing Michael Reeves. It alleges that

Gennaco's Interim Report On Kelly Thomas; Injuries Not Caused by Thomas

Alex Stouffer

The Office of Independent Review has released a 5-1/2 page report detailing key points regarding issues surrounding the death of Kelly Thomas, and how the department might improve its policies and processes. The investigation led by Michael Gennaco concluded that "OIR Group has found no evidence of intent by the Police Department to deceive or falsify [information]", however no overt insight wa

Make Web, Not War: An Open Letter to Reps Royce and Sanchez

Mark Stouffer

We try not to get too political at the Fullertonian, but when politicians take a crack at the very systems and principles on which this publication is founded it is hard (and pointless) to stay neutral. We don’t believe you have to be disconnected to be objective.  The Stop Online Piracy Act sounds from its label like it will just stop software pirates. But judging a new law by it’s label can b

New Policies Enacted By FPD

Alex Stouffer

Acting Police Chief, Kevin Hamilton, briefed council on Tuesday night with updates to the Fullerton Police Departments law enforcement methods. Employees throughout the entire department are being trained via a five point program. Every member of the police department dealing with the public has been trained using POST (Peace Officer Standards and Training) Telecourses on homelessness and mental

Police to Undergo Transient Sensitivity Training

Mark Stouffer

The Fullerton Police Department has begun the process of providing officers with homeless and mentally ill crisis intervention training. Such training is one of the first suggestions made by Ron Thomas, father of Kelly Thomas, after the fatal consequences of the police’s handling of a questioning session with Kelly, who was homeless and mentally ill. New Mayor Sharon Quirk-Silva and others also


Ed Royce Answers at Town Hall

Mark Stouffer

On a cool, clear Saturday 40th district Representative in the US House of Reps, Ed Royce met with voters at the Buena Park City Hall. A variety of views were expressed by attendees. Most seemed to agree with Mr. Royce but several opposed what he was doing in the House and what he was saying at the meeting. Ed Royce’s dad, Stanton council member Ed Royce Sr., watched his son from an aisle seat. I

Recall NO! Rally

Mark Stouffer

Control of City Hall is very much in question as Recall/Anti-Recall drives are organized around town. The Recall group has been out in force for over a month, in front of grocery stores and walking door-to-door.

Training: A Complimentary Piece but Nowhere Near the Root of the Problem

Joey Cadavid

Training is important part of the police department and classes are necessary, however this was not the cause of the problem. If we take officer Rincon as an example; would we really want an officer who needs a class on how to not sexually molest 12 women? (the City has filed the papers to fire him). The officers who attacked Kelly Thomas shot him multiple times in the chest with a taser; they are


Civil Blood on Civil Hands

Mark Stouffer

On Wednesday, 7th, Ron Thomas, father of Kelly Thomas, and his attorney Garo Mardirossian presented medical reports from UC Irvine Medical Center showing the injuries that Kelly Thomas suffered during his arrest on July 5th. Mr. Mardirossian said that Kelly Thomas trusted the police. “His father was a police officer. His grandfather was a police officer. His great-grandfather was a police officer


Participation in Government

Mark Stouffer

About 34 minutes into Tuesday night’s City Council meeting city attorney Richard P. Jones explained why the officers involved in the Kelly Thomas fatal beating were on paid administrative leave instead of having their pay cut or being fired. “There is a thing called the Police Officer’s Bill of Rights”. This caused some rumblings in the audience, and then shouts, “What about our rights!?!” and “We

Common Ground: Transparency in Government

Mark Stouffer

One word that was mentioned regularly during the most recent City Council campaign season was “transparency”. Interestingly, it has returned to the front of the newspapers because of a lack of transparency in the Kelly Thomas beating case. But what is transparency? And why is it good? Transparency can easily be understood by contrasting it with what is called a black box. A black box is a term us

Kelly Thomas Vigil Photos

Mark Stouffer


Kelly Thomas Beating Aftermath Timeline

Mark Stouffer


Council Members hear public statements in response to city handling of the Kelly Thomas incident.

Common Ground: Ethics and Politics

Mark Stouffer

Politics in our town is changing. It is going through a quite painful process of introspection in our Police Department and our City Hall. The sequence of events that followed the tragic beating of Kelly Thomas have revealed a uncomfortable lack of accountability and an almost total lack of transparency. Reports of confiscation of witness video, initial misinformation, total lack of disciplinary


City Hall Packed After Kelly Thomas Protest

Ed Carrasco

Hundreds packed City Hall Tuesday night to express their anger on the beating death of Kelly Thomas by Fullerton police officers. Investigators are currently determining whether six police officers of beat Thomas, a homeless man diagnosed with schizophrenia, at the bus depot near Fullerton train station on July 5. He died five days later.


Councilmember Quirk-Silva asks Police Chief Sellers to Resign

Mark Stouffer

We have just confirmed that City Council-member Sharon Quirck has asked Police Chief Sellers to resign. Information is limitted right now but she said that she asked him to resign because he did not handle the Kelly Thomas beating case in the right way.

Local Media Giant Still Reporting False News from Last Month:

Mark Stouffer

The Fullerton Police Department is cooperating with county and federal investigators. The department said two of its officers suffered broken bones from the incident. ABC 7 (KABC-TV) is still reporting that officers received broken bones in the Kelly Thomas beating incident. The reported on 7/20 that Seargent Goodrich said that they had in fact only received “soft tissue dama

Protests & The Investigation of Kelly Thomas’s Death

Alex Stouffer

A group of protesters organized in front of the police department on Monday, July 18th. The group is spreading awareness about the death of Kelly Thomas, a homeless man diagnosed with schizophrenia, who allegedly was caught burglarizing vehicles by police. Officers say Thomas resisted arrest, which resulted in his excessive injuries. Six Fullerton police officers are now being investigated for