Kiger/Flory Horse Race Heats Up

The candidates are neck and neck as ballot counting goes into the final week.

Mark Stouffer

With 109,889 ballots counted so far the race between incumbent city council member Travis Kiger and former city council member Jan Flory is still down to the wire.  

Money in Politics

Who builds our local propaganda machine?

Mark Stouffer

Yesterday I talked to a friend of mine in downtown Fullerton about who he will cast his vote for tomorrow. He said that he would be voting for Jan Flory because he didn't want Tony Bushala's "puppets" sitting on the city council. The city of Fullerton, not just the city council or even the city government, but the city as a whole is on the verge of a major turning point in its development.

Council Candidate Statements: 2012

Reason & Rhetoric From Council Candidates in 2012

Alex Stouffer

The city clerk has released statements for candidates listed in the 2012 election. We've compiled these statements onto one page for easy reading rather than digging through dozens of pages to find out about these candidates. We urge our readers to look past the rhetoric and to look at how much logic and reason is used in each candidate's argument. Have they explained clear plans on specifi

Ron and Kelly

Ron Thomas Sues Two Ex-Police Chiefs, Six Officers, and the City For Beating of Kelly Thomas on Anniversary of Event

Barely a week after McKinley vacates his council seat due to recall, and one year since the fatal beating of Kelly Thomas, Ron Thomas sues him and ex-police chief Mike Sellers.

Ed Carrasco

Barely a week after McKinley vacated his council seat due to recall and one year since the fatal beating of Kelly Thomas, Ron Thomas has sued him and ex-police chief Mike Sellers. Both police chiefs have been accused by critics, especially from those seeking justice for Kelly Thomas, of a lack of leadership and instituting a police culture that led to the man’s beating one year ago today th

Kelly Thomas and The Fourth of July

How the events of the 5th of July 2011 shed light on the events of The Fourth of July, 1776

Mark Stouffer

This article is a collection of ideas that I have formed over the last year. Some of them are observations about the Kelly Thomas beating. Some are observations of people’s responses to it. Some are just observations about people, and living among them. What I will try to do is tie them together for you. I want to show you how these ideas, that may seem distant and unrelated, are actually l

Fullerton Blogger Gets $1,000 Bandwidth Bill, Sends Tab to Linkers gets original $50,000 bandwidth bill for Kelly Thomas video reduced to $1,000

Mark Stouffer

Local news blogging is not all fun and games. Sometimes it gets downright serious. Like when covered the release of the Kelly Thomas video. The highly anticipated city surveillance video was released last month, ten months after the incident happened and just days before the local city council elections. was the first website to post the video.

Dick Jones and Pat McKinley left the city council chambers after hearing the stinging election results.

Fullerton Rebukes City Hall in Recall Election

All three recall targets have been kicked off the city council with a resounding 66% of votes each.

Ed Carrasco

After an 11-month saga spurred by the beating death of Kelly Thomas by Fullerton Police, Fullertonians overwhelmingly supported the recall of Mayor Pro Tem Don Bankhead and Councilmen F. Richard Jones and Pat McKinley Tuesday. With all 87 precincts reporting, voters decided two-to-one on each target that they wanted a change in the City Council, with Tony Bushala-backed candidates Travis Ki

Local Activist Speaks Out About the Inaction of Leaders

Stephan Baxter: Kelly Thomas didn't die of exposure. He didn't die of hunger. He died of cop.

Mark Stouffer

"Kelly Thomas didn't die of exposure, he didn't die of hunger: He died of cop. --Stephan Baxter  

The squeaky wheel.

Recall 2012: Jane Rands Interview

Jane Rands answers pointed questions about her recall bid.

Mark Stouffer

This is the very first installment from our interviews with candidates.

Matt Rowe speaks to the public.

Why Three Chaffee Supporters Will Vote for Matt Rowe Instead

Why Three Chaffee Supporters Are Voting for Matt Rowe in the Recall Election

Stephan Baxter

Noelle Baxter

As we continue to learn about new indignities which were forced upon a local homeless man named Kelly Thomas, whilst he was being beaten to death by up to six Fullerton police officers, we can no longer in good conscience support Doug Chaffee in his latest bid to become a Fullerton City Council Member. Instead, we have decided to put all our energy and resources behind Matt Rowe.  Unlike Chaffe

Fullerton Was Sold 20 Years Ago And The Recall Is How We Pay For Her Emancipation

Opinions Matter: A native Fullertonian says Fullerton is in crisis. His view on the split that is dividing the town.

Stephan Baxter

The Fullertonian is a forum to discuss the important issues in the city today. We welcome views from thoughtful residents on important topics. This one is from Stephan Baxter. Share your responses in the comments section. For a period of time I knew the man six Fullerton officers killed last July. His name was  Kelly Thomas and I liked him. As I was walking to my car in the Fullerton Ralphs

Fullerton Recall Candidates Finalized

Ed Carrasco

Fullertonians now have a sense on potential replacements for the three councilmen targeted for the June 5 recall election. Friday was the filing deadline for the recall election and a total of 13 candidates qualified for the ballot.

Questioning Candidates: Greg Sebourn

Alex Stouffer

Greg Sebourn ran for council in 2010, and now that we are back to an election year he has again thrown his name in the hat to be called into public service. He frequently speaks at council meetings and has called to attention what many are saying is an illegal water tax that currently affects Fullerton Residents. He's also the first to answer our questionnaire which is being sent to all candida