Kelly Thomas and The Fourth of July

How the events of the 5th of July 2011 shed light on the events of The Fourth of July, 1776

Mark Stouffer

This article is a collection of ideas that I have formed over the last year. Some of them are observations about the Kelly Thomas beating. Some are observations of people’s responses to it. Some are just observations about people, and living among them. What I will try to do is tie them together for you. I want to show you how these ideas, that may seem distant and unrelated, are actually l

Patios In Peril: A Plea

Does Fullerton allow businesses to succeed?While Brea expands their sidewalk dining, what does Fullerton do?

Jinan Montecristo

Al Fresco dining has been an issue in downtown for so many years. As many downtown businesses remember, the city began this process with inviting arms. Then a small business in the downtown area took advantage of the situation and things went beyond the control of the city. At that point, the powers that be decided against outdoor dining all together which went on for about 5 years. A year ago

“Race To Nowhere” Screens at CSUF

Mark Stouffer

Our high schools are broken. National scores compare poorly to other industrialized nations but beneath that there is an underlying pressure to succeed that is exhausting the students, robbing them of their childhood, and even driving them to commit suicide. This is the narrative and the conclusion of a film and a movement that is sweeping across the country. The documentary by Vicki Abeles is c

Libertarians make bad housepets... this is bad?

What Type of Housepet Are You?

How viewing ourselves as housepets has left us fighting like cats and dogs.

Mark Stouffer

How viewing ourselves as housepets has left us fighting like cats and dogs Sometimes when we make fun of others we end up saying more about ourselves.

Common Ground: Aisle Crossing

Mark Stouffer

Last week we commented on the road ahead from the Kelly Thomas case and it’s aftermath. We said that the issue behind this case was the right that Kelly Thomas was denied, that it was the most basic of rights, the right to life. We said it was the most basic right because it could not be exchanged for any other right. This is the right that Tony Rackauckas was referring to when he said “…citizens

Common Ground: A Proud Fullertonian

Mark Stouffer

There have been comments from readers that perhaps it would be better not to report to our citizens on the unfortunate events of July 5th at our Transportation Plaza and later in our City Hall. They said that perhaps everything was working as planned and that there was no oversight needed. Perhaps there was no need to get involved.

Common Ground: Transparency in Government

Mark Stouffer

One word that was mentioned regularly during the most recent City Council campaign season was “transparency”. Interestingly, it has returned to the front of the newspapers because of a lack of transparency in the Kelly Thomas beating case. But what is transparency? And why is it good? Transparency can easily be understood by contrasting it with what is called a black box. A black box is a term us

Kelly Thomas Vigil Photos

Mark Stouffer


Council Members hear public statements in response to city handling of the Kelly Thomas incident.

Common Ground: Ethics and Politics

Mark Stouffer

Politics in our town is changing. It is going through a quite painful process of introspection in our Police Department and our City Hall. The sequence of events that followed the tragic beating of Kelly Thomas have revealed a uncomfortable lack of accountability and an almost total lack of transparency. Reports of confiscation of witness video, initial misinformation, total lack of disciplinary

Common Ground: Carmageddon

Mark Stouffer

The traffic snarl of biblical proportions not only failed to appear this last weekend, it may have taught us something valuable about how much we commute, and why we live in Fullerton. The news stories leading up to last weekend’s planned shut-down of the 405 were so fearful they scared people in other states. Half a million drivers would be diverted. Commutes could be delayed by hours. Social me


Downtown’s 4th of July Celebration!

SuperUser Account

As revolutions break out all around the world citizens of Fullerton take a day to reflect on the revolution that brought us here. This Independence Day comes at a time when we can see the forces that drive people to rebel erupting in many nations where last year we would have thought it impossible. We can see a modern version of our Revolution in Libya and Egypt. But something is missing.

Why We Print

Mark Stouffer

Shopping locally is important to our community. The products and services you buy, and the merchants that provide them, are part of the fabric of our town. Your support makes them stronger. The Fullertonian promotes local business because it’s important. The quality of our town is important because we walk and drive on the same streets. It’s important to save time driving and to spend less money

Common Ground

Mark Stouffer

If you think of a well-trod piece of ground what do you see? There is probably no grass or flowers growing on it. Well-trod earth is bare, lifeless, well-tamped dirt. But now consider locations traversed by our thoughts. The Greeks called these “topics”. We continue using the word “topic” to describe an area of discussion.

Common Ground: Always-Right-Driving

Mark Stouffer

When we share common ground we usually try to avoid sharing the same ground at the same time, especially while driving. It’s considered bad form to come close to or crash into someone else’s vehicle. But how do we avoid this? There are two common methods. One method is to drive however you feel like driving, cutting corners and drifting between lanes, until there is another car around, especially


Common Ground: Traffic Lights

Mark Stouffer

This week marks the beginning of a new discussion in the Fullertonian and on our web site called Common Ground. It will be an exploration of how we can be different people, but live together in a small town, passing over the same streets, the same ground, in harmony. In Europe and south of the border we see growing episodes of lawlessness. At the same time in political discussions we hear calls