Patios In Peril: A Plea

Does Fullerton allow businesses to succeed?While Brea expands their sidewalk dining, what does Fullerton do?

Jinan Montecristo

Al Fresco dining has been an issue in downtown for so many years. As many downtown businesses remember, the city began this process with inviting arms. Then a small business in the downtown area took advantage of the situation and things went beyond the control of the city. At that point, the powers that be decided against outdoor dining all together which went on for about 5 years. A year ago

Make Web, Not War: An Open Letter to Reps Royce and Sanchez

Mark Stouffer

We try not to get too political at the Fullertonian, but when politicians take a crack at the very systems and principles on which this publication is founded it is hard (and pointless) to stay neutral. We don’t believe you have to be disconnected to be objective.  The Stop Online Piracy Act sounds from its label like it will just stop software pirates. But judging a new law by it’s label can b


“Where’s My Boom” Review

Mark Stouffer

A cartoon of a meeting of the Nobel Prize Committee meeting in which one member says, “Do we really need to bother with an economics prize this year?” was how the economics PowerPoint presentation began. It was the latest in a series of lectures have been presented around the county over the last month by staff of CSUF Mihaylo College of Business and Economics. It was organized and presented by N


St. Mary's Carnival

Mark Stouffer

Today and tomorrow the St. Mary's Fall Festival is happening at Amerige Park Baseball Field, 300 W Commonwealth at Highland Avenue. The carnival features:

Bicycle Messenger

Mark Stouffer

Downtown Fullerton has a new, low cost and fast bicycle messenger service. Ben Small and company  can quickly deliver food and small packages around town to a radius of a couple miles. They can be reached at


Artist Profile – Modern Traders

Mark Stouffer

This week we met up with Explicit Ink’s tattoo artists Cisco and Larry Maldonado. FT: When you look at Fullerton what do you see, art-wise?

Joe Felz Speaks, I Interrupt.

Alex Stouffer

Monday 11/15 - The new city manager seems hardworking, earnest, and in a public situation held his own against the crowd of senior citizens that primarily attended the event sponsored by NUFF at the Osborne Auditorium in Fullerton Public Library. There were a couple of other familiar faces in the crowd such as council candidates Barry Levinson and Doug Chaffee. Topics covered a variety of differe

Gourmet Trucks Get Special Treatment From FPD

Alex Stouffer

In the past few weeks, cupcake truck "Ohforsweetssake" has been tweeting they have been harassed by the Fullerton PD.  First, they were told the truck needed a city permit.  So, OFSS went and obtained one.

Local Employer Punished

Mark Stouffer

  First Terra Universal was raided for employing illegal aliens. Many of the employees who were detained have been here for around a decade, according to David Ross, Terra Universal’s attorney, and eVerify is still inaccurate and inconvenient.

Border Patrol in Fullerton

Mark Stouffer

  The ICE raid at Terra Universal on June 29th shut down business for the day and kept all employees from leaving (even the legal ones). Halted production was roughly estimated at $250,000, about %30 of which is exports, according to Ken Harms, Terra Universal’s CEO.

Jobs @ The Fullertonian!

Alex Stouffer

The economy is rough, but many politicians and economists agree that it will be small businesses that make most of our nation’s jobs available to the people. On June 16th at Capitol Hill; House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, “…[Small businesses are] the engine of job creation and capital creation in our economy and in our country. Small businesses have created two-thirds of new jobs, over the last 15