Love. Sex. Unity. Respect. (Artist Preview)

Pictures of art to be featured in the upcoming show at Magoski Complex

Mark Stouffer


Love. Sex. Unity. Respect. in Fullerton

Fullerton gallery owner and social activist, Stephan Baxter aims to fight discrimination in the Gay and Lesbian community (LGBT) by raising money for AIDS Walk OC and by proving to his father that Prop. 8 is wrong.

David Leos

Fullerton gallery owner and social activist, Stephan Baxter aims to fight discrimination in the Gay and Lesbian community (LGBT) by raising money for AIDS Walk OC and by proving to his father that Prop. 8 is wrong. Co-Curator, Stephan Baxter, discusses

Preview: Hibbleton's Show To Save Mike Atta

Alex Stouffer

In a show that's been pulled together in the time frame of about two weeks, dozens of supporters have made generous donations to help assist vintage shop owner Mike Atta in raising funds for treating cancer which has spread throughout the man's kidneys and lungs.  Featured at Hibbleton tonight, Friday January 4th, is a culmination of punk rock posters, albums, and original works of art that ce

Bookmachines Presents Coyote Hills-Themed Exhibit

Bookmachine’s October photographic exhibit “Open Space” comes out in opposition of Measure W, a ballot measure dealing with the Chevron development on the West Coyote Hills.

Ed Carrasco

Bookmachine’s October photographic exhibit “Open Space” comes out in opposition of Measure W, a ballot measure dealing with the Chevron development on the West Coyote Hills. The ballot initiative ask voters whether or not the city should approve the West Coyote Hills Development and Nature Preserve, which claims to preserve approximately 283 acres of open space in exchange for building home

Photographer, Colin Freeman

Furtive Photos Taken In Traffic

Colin Freeman shows the art community his version of drive-by shootings.

Alex Stouffer

There were extravagant pieces, rich in saturated color, during Weavver’s Art Walk Show, but tucked in a room to the side was a series of photos that juxtaposed them with understated stories captured in 1 to 4 frames. Colin Freeman’s entire series consisted of photos he stealthily took of fellow drivers on his way to work. The inspiration came simply from the mundane task of driving the morning

Roxanna Mostatabi's Kitty Show at NoCo

Josh Seaman

The Kitty Show Friday, April 6th at NoCo Gallery

2nd Annual Art Walk

Mark Stouffer

The 2nd Annual Art Walk was concentrated (mostly) into the Civic Plaza next to the Museum Center. The location seemed to bring more families to the event. Concessions operated stands and the beer garden was open at FMC. The FMC's small auditorium also hosted an Improv presentation by Stages Theatre.

Art Walk: 2 Year Celebration

Alex Stouffer

This month all of the art venues will be coming together at the Fullerton Museum Center to celebrate two years of Downtown Fullerton's monthly Art Walks.

Artist Review: Adrian Lopez & Dan Joyce

Taco Comics

This Past Weekend I had the privilege of Interviewing some very talented artists featured at the PAS and Hibbleton galleries located in the Magoski Arts Colony. The first artist Adrian Lopez was the featured artist showing at PAS. Adrian's exhibition was titled "Ignotum Per Ignotius" meaning "Obscure By the More Obscure". Focusing on a consistent medium of oil paint to canvas. Adrian, curving from

An Interview With Weavver's Curator, Jennifer King (Abridged)

Alex Stouffer

Since October of last year, Jennifer King has joined the curating team at the Weavver Gallery. Their upcoming show, Pairings, is collection of artists presenting two or more pieces with a related theme, style, or even puns on the word itself. Born and raised in Fullerton, King is an alumni at CSUF and her job at the local art supplies store Utrecht has helped to expand her abilities to network wit


Alex Stouffer

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Artist line-up for February Art Walk at the VioletHour Studio

Candace Magoski

Mark Reyes explores the complexities of life's most complicated emotion in a series of allegorical paintings. Included in his collection is a series he refers to as "Cupid Bob"

Art Walk: 2012 Jan

Mark Stouffer

Just some of the interesting people and art we saw at the January Art Walk.


Previous Fullerton Art Walk: October 7, 2011

Heidi Moreno

You know the Fullerton art walk was a great success when you show up and can’t find parking anywhere. Last Friday, October 7th, Downtown Fullerton acclaimed local artists in several cafes, clothing stores and studio’s for the monthly art walk. Fullerton celebrated the artwork of several gifted artists and our encouraging community showed their support to these accomplished artists. The streets co

Krystopher Sapp: “Our Guns Never Tire”

Alex Stouffer

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I saw that Violet Hour was promoting a mixed media assemblage for their August showing at the Fullerton Art Walk. What does an assemblage look like? Imagine discarded toys that have been converted into detailed depictions of a fictional creation. It is all spawned by the mind of Krystopher Sapp, whose roots as a local artist branched out as he attended Fullerton H

There’s Also The Art Walk – July

Alex Stouffer

I met Michael Magowski in person for the first time as we observed the infrared light and it’s affect on his latest scenic dessert photos. While the gallery scene is typically known for being an exclusive niche in larger metropolitan areas, the owner of Violet Hour provides an antithesis to this notion. His pieces hung on a wall selling for a hundred dollars each, which is lower than the listings

Giselle Gonzalez – Art Walk Like An Egyptian

Alex Stouffer

This month’s art exhibit at OTTO is from a skilled Illustrator named Giselle Gonzalez. It will be the second consecutive time showing her collection, Art Walk Like An Egyptian, but it’s still her first solo exhibit ever!  All pieces are drawn on papyrus with Egyptian symbols, patterns, and characters. Bright colors like hot pink juxtapose the color schemes of traditional Egyptian art. This particu

Artist Interview: Omar Andrade

Alex Stouffer

Featured throughout the month of June, NoCo Studios is displaying the work of  Omar Andrade. A native of Jalisco, Mexico, Andrade moved to America in his younger years and has been painting for fifteen years since then. Hanging on the walls of the studio are a variety of different paintings ranging from landscape portraits, to surrealist paintings of nature.  When we met at the Art Walk you ment

NoCo Studio Presents: Robert James

Alex Stouffer

Throughout the month of May fans of art and music may find themselves intrigued to check out art from local artist, Robert James, at Fullerton’s newest addition to the Art Walk, NoCo Studios. Exhibited on the walls are pieces portraying iconic figures in music, but James also paints a mean guitar. How long have you been painting guitars? How did you start?

Artist Profile: Andy Fletcher

Mark Stouffer

Hello, Andy. I have been looking at you art and I have still been trying to understand what drew me immediately to it. I noticed one thing right away: you are not afraid to be specific. So much of the other art is mushy feeling blotches and smears without form.

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Eyeball Burp Release at Zine Fiend: An Interview With A’misa Chiu

Alex Stouffer

Eyeball Burp Press will be featured at Bookmachine’s upcoming show May 6th entitled: Zine Fiend. Luckily, we got a chance beforehand to speak with EBB editor, A’misa Chiu: What's the story behind how you started EBB with Alex Chiu? Where is it located?

Artist Spotlight: Photography From Sam Bowers

Alex Stouffer

How long have you been doing photography? How did you get into it?  


Art Walk – Year Long Art

Mark Stouffer

Last month I had noticed that the Art Walk was building steam, breadth and depth from it’s humble beginnings one year ago. This month I have actually seen my first mind-bogglingly interesting art display. There were many good pieces along the walk and several great ones. But the one I have to fill this post with is the one I spent most of my time at.


Art Walk

Mark Stouffer

If success can be measured by the throngs of people who showed up, then last Friday’s Downtown Art Walk was a raging success. Twenty-six separate venues stretching from Pastel Art Gallery and Village Art Center, just north of Chapman, and Fullerton Museum Center on Pomona down to the Violet Hour/PAS/Hibbleton complex on Santa Fe near Malden were peppered or packed with continuous streams of people


Art Walk: Hibbleton

Mark Stouffer

The Hibbleton ( gallery is settling nicely into their new location on Santa Fe by the Violet Hour and the current exhibit reflects that, literally. I checked out their “Non Sequitur” and P.A.S.’s “Light”. The layout of the new art spaces means that the way you arrive at the exhibit is meaningful. I chose to enter through the art school next door and was politely redirected by a b